In 2016 I wondered if Melbourne’s White Night was losing its shine. After attending this year’s event the doubts remain. Again, there were great sights at the bookends, but much less to observe in between, apart from buskers. There was also a similarity about some of the displays, and perhaps it could benefit from more reinvention. IMO the event was better when there was congestion – it was a result of people being drawn to an area because of attractions – and the organisers have overreacted to media beat-ups about over-crowding. Though, of course, they have many competing interests to accommodate and it’s easy to be churlish.

Weather can also play a part. It was a windy, wintry night rather than a balmy summer one with Melbourne experiencing it’s coldest February snap in a decade.

Experiences are comparative – there’s still much to admire at White Night, and it remains highly photogenic as these pics from the 2017 reveal.