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Month: May 2013

  • Bells Beach on Fire

    Bells Beach on Fire

    The Rip Curl Classic at Bells Beach is the world’s longest running professional surfing event. Located in a rural setting outside Torquay in Victoria, it is held every Easter. The timing of it has often been an obstacle, but this year, 2013, the 52nd, I got to attend mid-event. It was raining when I arrived, though fortunately, for us spectators, it soon passed.  […]

  • Beside the Sea in Ibusuki

    Beside the Sea in Ibusuki

    Being buried up to your neck in hot sand is often associated with punishment meted out in Western movies, but on the black volcanic beaches of Ibusuki, at the south-eastern tip of Kyushu, Japan, it’s a pastime of health and recreation. This is day two of my visit to Kyushu’s southern city, Kagoshima. The May morning presents grey clouds and […]

  • George ‘Long Island’ Nagashima

    George ‘Long Island’ Nagashima

    I’m in Kagoshima, at the south-eastern tip of Kyushu, Japan, in the train station, trying to orient the maps given me by tourist information when a frail, elderly man with large thin-rimmed glasses, wispy black hair and an impish grin, approaches. Wearing a shirt and a tie he speaks correct English, but with slow, pronounced effort and a slight American […]

May 2013
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