Baby me with mum
A Beatle ahead of time

Early childhood terra firma was a farm. In this country flat grassy plains dotted by eucalypt trees merged into a forest at the horizon evoking unknown, pristine worlds. Explored that environment as far as my tricycle would pedal.

Me, a little older
A little older. I didn’t inhale


Hitchhiking 1485 kilometers to Brisbane was the first attempt at adulthood exploration. That was followed by international ventures.

Along they way I often kept journals. Recent attempts at travel writing resulted in some published articles, though opportunities are shrinking as many publishers navigate the online new-world cutting costs along the way.

A travel blog is an excellent alternative. Blogging, however, is a broad medium – and this blog will likely evolve beyond original intentions.



Me, Egypt
Older again, Egypt
Me, Germany
Ditto, Germany



Australia is currently ground control, and international territory ventured to includes South East and North Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and New Zealand.






Rules of engagement: I will declare if freebies have been offered. All photos were taken by myself or with my camera, unless otherwise stated. Guess I better declare the top two above as by the Unknown Photographer. Comments are encouraged. Feedback is particularly welcome during this early blog-stage.

Me in Valencia
Circa 2010, Spain



I have been an occasional postie, a storeperson, a TV and theatre writer, a fruit picker, a public servant, I’ve worked on a North Sea oil rig and an Australian cargo ship, and been what’s euphemistically referred to as a background artist (a film and TV extra).

Welcome to this world.





THE CARTOON …The caricature in the header was drawn by Ken McCully, an Australian artist based in Ballarat.